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The new Xiaomi's own processor - "Surge S1" by Mi and Pinecone! Xiaomi and Pinecone has spent 3 years to design and create their first processor for smartphones, which requires tremendous efforts in planning, testing and brainstorming! Now Xiaomi finally has it's own processor for their smartphones. Along with Xiaomi's processor, they also launch the first phone which embedded with Surge S1.

Introducing the Xiaomi Mi 5c, another device under Xiaomi series!

The first Xiaomi device that uses Surge S1 as its processor chipset!

Mi 5c comes with 5.15" display, with a comfortable-to-hold dimensions.

Xiaomi Mi 5c comes with 3 color variants.

Mi 5c Rose Gold, which brings out the vibrant color of flowers.

Mi 5c Gold color variant, gives you the high class feel.

Mi 5c Black color variant! The universal color of smartphone, brings out cool personality.

Although having built-in 2560mAh battery, Mi 5c can provides a full day battery life. Not to mention its 9V/2A charging spec, providing faster and safer charging!

Another exciting thing about Mi 5c for most users is, Android 7.1 update will be available on March for Mi 5c MIUI Developer ROM!

Let's have an overview on Mi 5c specs. It comes with the all-new Xiaomi first processor chipset, quad-core 2.2GHz and quad-core 1.4GHz. Mi 5c sports with only one variant - 3GB RAM and 64GB internal memory, larger camera pixel size, 5.15 inches display with 2048 brightness adjustment levels, ultra-light metal body with only 132g, and 9V/2A fast charging.


Mi 5c comes with 5.15 inches JDI display, with ultra-thin bezels of just 1.66mm. Giving you a great display and comfortable hand grip at the same time.

Other than that, display of Mi 5c provides up to 550 nit brightness, giving you a clearer view under sunlight and comfortable brightness at night.

In typical smartphones, we usually have 256 brightness levels. Mi 5c display can support up to 2048 brightness adjustment levels, which provide us more precise brightness level in any condition!

With this much of brightness adjustment levels, Mi 5c can insignificantly adapt better with the environment and sooth your eyes, reduce screen flashing while adjusting it.

Camera specs

Xiaomi Mi 5c 12MP rear camera pixel size is significantly larger than typical smartphone camera one, allowing higher light intake in capturing photos.

By running on Surge S1 ISP algorithm, the overall light sensitivity of Mi 5c camera is enhanced by 150%! If light sensitivity is higher, the photo light adjustment levels will be higher!

With Mi 5c noise management algorithm, it ables to reduce large noise within a single frame and maintain the image details.

By applying multiple frames noise filtering, Mi 5c ables to remove the small noise without corrupting the image details.

Comparing Mi 5c with typical smartphone, Mi 5c camera provides a clearer image details with lesser noise. Check out the comparison below.

Apart from that, like any other Xiaomi devices, Mi 5c provides HDR mode which is a powerful filter in camera shooting. For instant, Mi 5c HDR reduces overexposed details at the sunlight and brighten the darker details on sea.

Camera Samples

Xiaomi Mi 5c has a 8MP front camera which provides a better image with Beautify effect.

In overall, here are all the Mi 5c camera specs.

Source & Credits to marcus_keong @

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