#MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 7.3.16 Changelog Preview See more: MIUI developers hav…

#MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 7.3.16 Changelog Preview
See more: http://en.miui.com/thread-540381-1-1.html
MIUI developers have been focusing on system stabilization and bug fixes, so there will be no new features this week. Thank you very much for your understandings. However, we just released a new version of MIUI Forum app with lots of improvements.

Optimization – Improved ‘Featured’ threads style and animation effects
Optimization – Improved app performance and reduced RAM usage
Optimization – Original images are uploaded by default
Fix – Banner wasn’t displayed correctly on Mi MIX
Fix – Forum app crashed in some cases
Fix – Threads of other people were sometimes displayed instead of the required threads
Fix – No prompts were shown for double tapping to go to top
Fix – Couldn’t save images in some cases
Fix – Users’ space info display error in Notifications

Full changelog will be posted on Friday as usual. Please stay tuned!


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