Get to know MIUI v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 6 7 8



MIUI V1 is launched back in 16-Aug-2010, it was the fruit of labour of 100 supporters, together they had a common dream to customise Google’s Android Mobile Operating System. Back then , it was customized for Google Nexus One. MIUI V1 was simple, pain and easy to use. It features..Read More



In pursit for perfectism, MIUI V2 was further improvisionised and undergo more customization, much more new functions were added to MIUI V2. And by this time, MIUI V2 is made available for much more smartphones! MIUI icons with constantly updated system has undergone some changes. Icons rounded rectangle frame into..Read More



On 20-April-2012, MIUI V3 ROM was borne! This is marked a major milestone for MIUI ROM, when themes is firstly introduced and it give users the flexibility to customise how they want their MIUI ROM to look like! And this functions set a standard in future MIUI ROM! At this..Read More



Later about a year, on 22-February-2013, MIUI V4 ROM was borned! Together with the Google’s Android Mobile Operating System evolved (into 4.0 nicknamed “Ice-cream Sandwich” or “ICS”) and introduction of a series of Google-related APPs. Similiarly in the MIUI V4 ROM ,a series of Mi APPS APPs was also developed..Read More



A year later, in 5-Dec-2014, a brand new MIUI V5 ROM was released. It undergo-ed a major GUI redesign and revamp, from addition of notification at a swipe-down shade menu to system animations and desktop beautification, but yet retain the similiar users’ experience and operations! However, at this point of..Read More



On the fifth birthday of MIUI ROM,6-Aug-2015, a all-new MIUI 6 was released. It was a new milestone for MIUI ROM, the GUI was re-designed, icons get a brand new refresh looks, more and new apps were included, and many new functions were added! For the first time, there were..Read More

MIUI 7, Yours By Design

About 1 year later, on 13-Aug-2015, an exciting MIUI 7 was launched. For the first time, It included 4 built-in themes, for 4 major category of users. New features like ‘Baby album’, ‘Child Mode’, Extra-large Font size was incorporated. Although GUI and icons largely remind unchanged, but the underlying process..Read More


MIUI 8, Make Life Better

MIUI 8 ROM was announced last year, on the 10-May-2016, together with the Product Launch, Mi Max! It had set many Mi Fans very excited and anticipating many new features and functions! Many new features & functions, UI & fonts were introduced. The icons had also underwent some minor changes!